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Babaji's Charitable Hospitals in India

A central feature of Babaji's teachings was to serve people with work and service. The creation and maintenance of two charitable hospitals are a living example of karma yoga or service to humanity. These charitable institutions carry out invaluable humanitarian work to care for the local population. The Haidakhandi Samaj in India manages two charitable hospitals on a non-profit basis. These projects were realised according to the instructions and blessings of Sri Babaji in order to support the local community. Babaji ashrams and centres around the globe also fundraise for the charity hospitals.

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Shree Babaji Haidakhan Charitable & Research Hospital

Chiliyanaula, Ranikhet

There is a large hospital at Chiliyanaula, Ranikhet which is right next to the Haidakhan Babaji Ashram. This charity hospital provides healthcare for the poor people in the region who are not able to afford hospital treatment.

The hospital's services include:

  • Free cataract surgery

  • Retina eye care

  • Free medical camps in remote areas

  • Dental & ENT services.

Ranikhet hospital's main provision is in supplying eye-care and it has the very latest technology. The hospital is known as having the best medical care  in the Kumaon region of the Himalayas. It is perfectly located for local people to access its services.

In addition, the Ranikhet hospital is expertly supported and guided by Dr. Shroff's Charitable Eye Hospital, Delhi - a prominent eyecare organisation in India. Ranikhet hospital is also an important source of work and training for local people. In supporting the efforts of the hospital, you are touching and changing lives. This is the core of what Babaji taught: to serve the poor and needy.

Clinic at Haidakhan

Haidakhan, Uttarakhand

At Haidakhan Ashram there is also a polyclinic. This clinic is an important source of medical treatment for local people and provides daily medical facilities to all the villages in the surrounding areas of Haidakhan. In addition to this, the Haidakhan clinic also conducts quarterly free medical camps when specialist doctors of all disciplines come to care for local villagers.

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