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Our Mission

Bhole Baba Sangha, previously known as Jai HO,  is an impulse for renewal, cooperation and love within the international Babaji community.


It was born out of the gathering of many devotees from around the world who have expressed an urgent need for support to Babaji’s hospitals and communities world-wide.


An initiative to promote Babaji’s teachings which embraces all religions and spiritual paths.

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Our Challenge

Although they live actively in our hearts, Sri Babaji, and Munirajji have left their bodies and direct physical guidance through them is no longer available. In order to continue and thrive as a spiritual family and global community of diverse people without the presence of a living master, Bhole Baba Sangha seeks to engage and interact in a way that will examine and inspire our activities and structures for a positive future of our community.

  • To this end, we invite a spirit of radical and far-reaching inquiry and opening of ourselves within the Babaji community.

  • We are creating for this questioning and conversation, in a spirit of truth, simplicity and love, a platform of relationships, celebrations, collaborations, learning, and on-line presence.

  • We seek to help focus and support Babaji Ashrams, Centres and interest groups.

Our Structure

A). Bhole Baba Sangha is a charitable/ not for profit, non-hierarchical association that can help focus and support Babaji ashrams, centres and interest groups.  A Bhole Baba Sangha Administrative Group has initiated this project and offers to perform coordinating functions. The Admin Group is not an executive but an advisory group of elders (seeing eldership as a function rather than anything to do with age), and it was born out of those who initiated and inspired the on-going Gurupurnima celebrations in Europe since 2004.

B). Ashrams, Organizations and Centres who are devoted to the work of Babaji in the West, while remaining autonomous, are invited into cooperative relationships with the Bhole Baba Sanga Admin Group.

C). Interest Groups are cooperative circles made up of people interested in sharing particular forms of service, such as: Healing and Education; Sustainable Living; Business and Entrepreneurship; Crafts and Production; IT Technology, Tours and Pujas; Networking  beyond the Babaji community.

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AN INVITATION FOR KARMA YOGA is a big vision and still needs inspired karma yogis to carry one or more projects still waiting to be realised. It has also an aim to gather and involve as many people as possible to help fulfill these objectives.

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